Different Types of Fences

Fences are a common barrier that is found in different places of the world and it is also quite useful too as it protects us from different intruders and things. There are also a lot of kinds of fences, all of them as disadvantages and advantages, it is very important to know them as they are a guide for us. In this article we will discuss different types of fences and find out what type of fence is the most suitable for your property like your house and others. If you’re deciding to put up a fence for your property yet you don’t know how to, contacting a High Point NC fencing could be the solution for the problem.

• Aluminum, Wrought Iron, Chain Link Fences

Metal is very common to have as a fencing material and there are many reasons why they’re popular in the fence industry, aluminum, wrought iron, and chain link are some. Aluminum fencing is known for its low maintenance feature but they are not really good at protecting your privacy but it is very customizable although it is not as strong. Wrought iron fencing are the opposites of aluminum fences as it is strong and beautiful but need heavy maintenance in order to properly function and protect you from dangerous intruders. While chain link fencings are the ones who are cheap and is also low maintenance but like the aluminum it is not that strong compared to other types of fences.

• Bamboo, Wood, and PVC Fences

Like the metal fences, wood base or tree base fence are popular and they also have many disadvantages and advantages, tree base fence like wood, bamboo, and PVC are some. Bamboo fences are the fences that are visually pleasing and environmentally friendly, they many varieties but it is not recommended on cold places as the plant will eventually root. While wood fences are the fences that will give privacy, visual, durability, and even have many varieties but they can be expensive and need time to build than a normal fence. And PVC fences are the ones who are made up of wooden stakes and pickets, they also provide many kinds and they are very durable but they can be expensive.

• Vinyl, Farm, Electric Fences

The last three kinds of fences are vinyl, farm, and electric fences, they are used a lot in different places but like many things they have disadvantages and advantages too. Vinyl fences are quite low maintenance and are very durable, they can resist paint, and they also have a long life and are cheaper than other different types of fences. Farm fencing or fences are normally done in farms and they have a lot of varieties and does not only focus on one material like the other types of fences. Electric fences are the type of fences that you don’t want to get close to as they can electrocute you, mainly use in dogs, and they are also quite expensive.

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